President Dr. Fook Tim Chew, National University of Singapore
Date September 24-27, 2019
Place The National University of Singapore campus
Main Theme Human Physiology and Urban Living
Programme Tentative Programme

President Prof. Barry Bogin, Loughborough University
Date September 12-15, 2017
Place Ramada Loughborough Hotel, Loughborough, UK
Main Theme Human Biology of Climate Change
Program Provisional Programme
Posters List

President Prof. Tetsuo Katsuura, Chiba University
Date October 27-30, 2015
(27th: Registration & Welcome Reception, Younger Researchers Colloquium)
Place Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall, Chiba, Japan
Main Theme Opening doors for the future of physiological anthropology
Abstract DeadLine July 17, Extended to August 17, 2015

Date August 25-29, 2014
Place Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow-Russia
Theme "Anthropology: Unity in Diversity"
President Prof Alexandra Buzhilova
Head of the Organizing Committee Prof Elena Godinaa

President Prof. Douglas E. Crews, Department of Anthropology, Ohio State University
Date August 7-10, 2013
(7th: Registration & Welcome Reception, Younger Researchers Colloquium
Place Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
Main Theme Human Variation and Built Environments
President Prof. Alan Bittles and Prof. Wei Wang
Date September 3-5, 2012 (September 2: registration and welcome reception)
Place Beijing Convention Center, Beijing China
Main Theme Adapting to life in Asian Mega-cities

The 10th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Alan Bittles
Date September 9-12, 2010 (September 9: registration and welcome reception)
PlaceEsplanade Hotel Fremantle, Fremantle, Australia
Main Theme Peoples and Places
President Prof. Johan F.M. Molenbroek
Date 22-26 Augst, 2008
Place Delft, Netherlands
Main Theme Human Diversity: Design for life

The 8th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Masahiko Sato
Date 9-14 October, 2006
Place Kenchoji, Kamakura, Japan (October 9-12, 2006) Kamakura Prince Hotel, Kamakura, Japan (October 13-14, 2006)
Main Theme Exploratory Voyages on Humans as Biological, Social, and Cultural Beings
Topics Human variation-Physiological Polytypism for environmental adaptation Industrial Design Based on Human Characteristics Industrialized Society Future of Human and Lighting Mathematical Modeling for Human Thermal Environmental Adaptability Adaptive Responses to Cold Environmental Adaptability: The Human Thermoregulation System and its Modifying Factors Nature and Comfort Unraveling Senescence, Aging and Disease and Assessing Senescent Change Tissue Adaptability Adaptability to Natural and Artificial Environment Health and Fitness of Urban School Children Techno-Adaptability The Paradigm of Physiological Anthropology

The 7th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. D. E. Crews
Date 1 -5 September, 2004
Place Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus Ohio, USA
Topics Physiological Adaptation, Variation and Environmental Interactions Over the Life Span Methodologies in the study of human physiological variation Physiological variation and adaptability over the life span Physiological adaptation and adaptability to industrial products Physiological variation in human made and natural environments

The 6th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. C.G. Nicholas Mascie-Taylor
Date 23 -27 August 2002
Place University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Topics New methodologies in Physiological Anthropology Methods in the study of adaptability to physical and culturalenvironments Methods in the study of adaptability to industrial products Synthetic approaches to Physiological Anthropology

The 5th International Congress on Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. Jang Yeul Sohn
Date October 1-5, 2000
Place Academic Information Center (Main Library) of Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.
Topics Interfacing physiological anthropology with environmental technology Man-made systems for building environmental controls Clothing for environmental adaptation Human health and comfort in living environment Toward healthy aging Physiological ergonomics

The 4th International Congress on Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. Pavao Rudan
Date September 6-10, 1998
Place Old Town City Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
Topics Physiological anthropology Applied physiological anthropology in the 21st century Physio-anthropological evaluation of living environment Anthropology and oral medicine Physiological ergonomy Human chronobiology and physiological anthropology Alimentary anthropology Psychotherapy and psychophysiological parameters of self-regulation

The 3rd International Congress on Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. Hiromi Tokura
Date September 23-27, 1996
Place Nara Women’s University, Nara, Japan
Topics Thermal environment Physiological anthropology and living environment Exercise physiology and sports medicine Physiology and psychology Environmental physiology

The 2nd International Congress on Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. Dr. Hans W. Jurgens
Date September 12-16, 1994
Place University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany
Topics Physiological aspects of industrial design (Ergonomics and Methods) Thermal environment (Physiology, Activity and rest, and Methods) Clothing comfort Human factors (Physiology, Regional and Occupational Differences, Methods and Sociological aspects) Thermal manikins

The 1st International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

President Prof. MD. Masaro Kaji
Date December 3-7, 1991
Place Nihondaigaku-Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan
Topics Thermal environment (Physiological responses, Ethnic and age differences, Behavior and disease, comfort, Evaluations, Survey and Architecture) Morphological studies, Clothing, materials, manikins Human responses to exercises